Monday, January 13, 2014

I'm at it again!!!


I just started, no, joined a group of 40 ladies to do a Biggest Loser contest with. My fabulous friend Elise started it and is tracking everyone's progress including her own. She is a superstar.

Anyway, I am excited. The deal is we all threw $25 into the pot and if we lose 8% of our own body weight, we get our money back. If we don't, we don't. Whomever loses the largest percentage without succumbing to craziness or drastic measures, wins what's left in the pot.It's a 12 week contest.

I find this is much easier when I do this with you. So here's my weigh-in.

January 11th: 146.6 lbs. (Umm, the most I've weighed in my life aside from being pregnant.)
Body Fat: 22.9%

My goal: 134.9 lbs.

I'm doing measurements tonight...look forward to that. These are my before photos I had to send in. I forgot my own advice about "standing slug vs.body builder pro" photos. Ahh, well. Maybe you'll get one tomorrow. :)

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